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The art of Maternity Photography

Pregnancy can be a tough but a wonderful experience that deserves photographic memories, which is why I am a maternity photographer in Lisbon.

When I photograph pregnant ladies I always try to flatter the body, some women might not feel very comfortable in front of the camera, so I avoid shooting straight-on in an effort not to make the body look bigger.

Professional photography of an expectant mother to be in her home in Lisbon
Portrait of a pregnant mother

Helping you choose a gorgeous outfit it's also very important, you need to feel confident for your maternity pictures!

Pregnancy photography can be challenging so I will prioritize your comfort. I want you to be wearing something as comfortable as possible, and don't forget to bring multiple outfit choices.

Stunning pregnant lady in natural light by professional photographer Sorina Man
Portrait of expectant mother

And of course we will choose an easy location and make sure you don't challenge yourself physically. Finding and easy access beach can be a perfect option or a room at your own place. 

Photoshoot of a pregnant lady by Professional Photographer Sorina Man
Indoor maternity photoshoot



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