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Seascape photograph by Sorina Man Lisbon professional photographer


    Sorina Man is a professional photographer based in Lisbon, specializing in portrait, maternity and artistic nude photography. She compliments her photographic talent with her calm and warmly engaging disposition which put her subjects at ease.  Sorina believes that photography is a conversation between the photographer, the subject and those who will view these images for years to come. Sorina is fluent in Portuguese, English and Romanian

  • Sorina Maria Man
  • Sorina Maria Man
Self Portrait of Sorina Man professional photographer in Lisbon

A Little about Me
Soulful and Thoughtful

One of my strengths that I am proud of is being able to manage my photographic strategy and camera equipment while staying fully engaged with my client. It is a delicate balance that allows my client to stay in character and let's me capture the true feelings of those I am photographing. 

My camera of choice is the Canon R8. Sometimes I use speedlights to accentuate the mood of my client and sometimes I find that natural light works better for the situation. 

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